Add comfort and style to your wardrobe with our new collection of floral offshoulders.


Turn any boring outfit into a trendy one with one of our infinity scarves.


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About Zibiah

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zibiah by beulah John

Why shop from Zibiah?

Zibiah is more than just a clothing brand.

Each product sold at Zibiah is manufactured at John Foundation. The main motto of the foundation is to transform lives.

The foundation uses the income made from the production of the garments to fund various social services such as supporting and educating over 200 orphan and semi orphan children.

Empowering over 900 single moms every year by giving them employable skills, helping them find a job and stand on their feet.

Funding education of school drop outs through 'Back to School' programs and so much more. 

Rescue women from trafficking and empower them by providing them with employable skills.

Hence, when you buy a product from Zibiah, you are doing your part in helping us transform lives

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