About Zibiah

Zibiah is an online fashion store started by a young designer, Beulah John. What started as a desire to make women feel beautiful and empowered is now a brand shipping to hundreds of customers world wide.

Zibiah is known for its unique prints and on trend fashion outfits. With new designs on the website every week, Zibiah makes sure it has something new to offer their customers every time they shop from the store.

The main goal of the Zibiah is to provide quality fashion at affordable prices to women all around the world. The prices at Zibiah are very reasonable, thus allowing the customer to purchase what they love, without having to think twice.

What does Zibiah mean?

A lot of customers are often curious to know what Zibiah means and hence, we decided to put it up on our brand description.

Zibiah, (in Hebrew) literally means the Lord dwells or beautiful one. But Zibiah is also another name for Tabitha, a seamstress in the Bible. Tabitha used her talent to sew to be a huge blessing to the people around her, especially the poor. 

Here's hoping Zibiah, the fashion brand will also be a blessing to many.